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Novinium Brand Strategy

Updated: May 13, 2019

How we helped the undisputed innovator in power cable rejuvenation expand their product offering and re-energize their communication.

Kent, WA

Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Focus: B2B, Internal


Novinium was at a critical juncture, with well-established market leadership but increasing competitive pressure and an expanded product offering that made its current messaging obsolete. Vitamin C helped Novinium expand its vision, bring its unique brand story into focus, and overhaul its messaging, marketing materials, and website content.


Brand Strategy

Stakeholder interviews, customer research, brand audit, competitive analysis, archetype analysis, development of brand purpose, position, and pillars

Brand Activation

Development of detailed messaging matrix, voice/tone guidelines, brand vocabulary; Brand guidance on revised site structure, content strategy, and visual expression

Brand Expression

Development of concise brand story and brand-driven formats for case studies and leadership team bios; Detailed brand and editorial guidance to bring the new strategy to life throughout all website content as well as sales scripts, brochures, trade booth design, ads, and press kit materials


Novinium had typically emphasized its proprietary cable rejuvenation processes and patented fluids in its communications, but over time their offerings had become complex, making it difficult for potential customers to differentiate and understand the benefits. When we spoke to customers and analyzed testimonials, it became clear that what utilities of all sizes valued most was Novinium's expertise as a partner in recommending the optimal combination of processes and fluids for each project's network condition, technical challenges, climate, and budget.

This key insight shaped the brand strategy, where we elevated the idea of Novinium as a full-service cable expert, with fully customizable as a key pillar. We also completely restructured the company's signature Cablecure offering, shifting the emphasis from products and processes to services, with a radically simplified good-better-best scheme.


CEO Glen Bertini jokingly inquired, before a two-hour leadership team review, if there would be ponies. Vitamin C rose to the challenge and reframed the brand archetype exercise using evocative images of horses to bring the spirit of each archetype to life.

View Novinium Brand Archetype Workshop (with Ponies!)

We had a rich discussion around the implications and opportunities of rebel, explorer, magician, and hero for Novinium. The team ultimately aligned around hero in recognition of the company's electrical linemen, who quite literally put their life on the line each day to keep power flowing to those who depend on it.


This one-paragraph version of the revised brand story captures the courageous, capable essence of the hero archetype and incorporates the key aspects of the Novinium brand—full-service partner, proven performance, low-impact delivery, and fully customizable.


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