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Mumm Napa Brand Activation

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

How we translated a 200+ page agency strategy document into inspired expression across dozens of touchpoints for a revered sparkling wine brand.

Napa, CA

Food and Beverage - Sparkling Wine

Focus: Internal, B2C


Mumm Napa had made a substantial investment in a refreshed brand strategy by a well-known Bay Area agency, but the resulting 200+ page document did not address how to activate that strategy. The team needed help translating the new position and pillars into both internal training materials and a wide range of external communication materials. In an ongoing engagement, Vitamin C has helped them transform dozens of touchpoints to bring the new strategy to life.

Intro page, Mumm Napa brand guidelines


Brand Strategy

Refinement and development of brand pillars to make them actionable throughout the organization

Brand Activation

Development of voice/tone guidelines and recommendations for carrying brand strategy through physical and digital brand touchpoints

Mockup and content for official brand guidelines and product catalog

Brand Expression - External

Content development to fully express the new brand strategy in label "romance" copy, tour script, winery signage, tasting menus, newsletters, wine club collateral and emails, job descriptions

Brand Expression - Internal

Conceptualization and development of pocket reference guide, hospitality handbook, and product catalog for winery staff

Editorial and brand review of all blog content created by external agency

Ongoing content development for brand manifesto, club newsletter, email outreach, and other brand touchpoints

Sample brand guidelines page - bringing the Handcrafted pillar to life


One of the first projects we tackled was a pocket reference for winery hospitality staff. As we worked through what content to include, the need for a completely revamped product catalog and a master wine reference became clear, so we conceptualized and created them. We structured them around the four pillars (relaxed elegance, heritage, hand-crafted, and versatility) to completely transform the way the staff talked about the wines, shifting the focus from traditional food pairings and technical details to memorable storytelling nuggets and spontaneous occasions for enjoying the wines.

These tools have become invaluable resources and have helped eliminate inconsistencies and errors across Mumm Napa's print and digital materials.

Sample Mumm Napa product catalog page


We developed a new brand manifesto for Mumm Napa, and couldn't resist styling it like a champagne flute.


Excerpt from Mumm Napa Capturing the Sparkle tour script


Origin (Brand guidelines)

FINE (Blog content)

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