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Brooks Run Signature

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

How we balanced science and experience to introduce a radical new way of designing, fitting, and merchandising running shoes.

Seattle, WA

Consumer Goods

Focus: B2C, B2B, Internal


The Brooks team had done groundbreaking research revealing exciting new insights into how running shoes should be designed, fit, and merchandised. They needed help translating the technical underpinnings into crisp, clear messages that would resonate with both retailers and runners, online and in store.


Brand Strategy

Internal stakeholder interviews, competitive analysis, external inspiration

Development of vision, mission, position, and pillars for Brooks Run Signature

Brand Activation

Exploration of how brand strategy could inform shoe finder functionality and experience

Brand Expression

Development of brand vocabulary and shoe finder language and "help me choose" support points, comprehensive messaging framework to guide communications for internal team, retailers, and consumers, development of brand vocabulary

Brooks Run Signature: Follow your body. Find your run.


The brand framework we developed carefully balanced the science behind Run Signature (research-based and innovative) and the desired runner experience (individualized and immersive). This "science + experience" framework inspired one of the foundational phrases: "We obsess about the science, so you can enjoy the run."


During the external inspiration, we were inspired by the Beats iOS interface, where you tapped floating bubbles and complete clever fill-in-the-blanks to define your tastes. This model strongly influenced the functionality of the Shoe Finder.


Brooks Run Signature is born from the discovery that there's no one ideal way to run, there's just your way.


"We were really stuck on this--we never would have gotten so far without you!" Heather Snavely, VP Marketing

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