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Wheelhouse DMG Rebrand

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

How we helped a successful Seattle agency expand from search to a full suite of digital marketing services, and revitalize their brand identity in the process.

Seattle, WA

Digital Marketing

Focus: B2B, Internal


With an impressive roster of delighted clients built on word of mouth, Wheelhouse Search was expanding its services and beginning a new chapter as Wheelhouse Digital Marketing Group. Their pace of growth had been so rapid that their outdated brand identity and website truly did not communicate their expertise and excellence. It was time to elevate brand to improve external perception, especially for new prospects and hiring, and to further strengthen their internal culture.


Brand Strategy

Brand audit, stakeholder interviews, competitive analysis

Brand archetype analysis and external inspiration

Development of brand purpose, position, and pillars

Brand Activation

Creative direction for visual identity development

Voice/tone guidelines and brand expression guidelines

Brand guidance on website structure and design

Brand Expression

Editorial and brand guidance on website content, marketing strategy, and marketing materials

Creation of brand-driven templates for case studies, service descriptions, and team bios


During the stakeholder interviews, the team was very candid about the fact that although they are excellent at what they do, their competitive advantage is truly how they do it--specifically, how strongly their values of helpfulness, generosity, trust, joy, and stewardship infuse every aspect of their client relationships, which tend to evolve and deepen over time.

Wheelhouse DMG web design

This insight strongly influenced the brand purpose, position, pillars, and brand voice. It also directly inspired the striking new logo by Andrew Wicklund Design, which cleverly expressed the idea of Wheelhouse working w/you.


A collaborative brand archetype exercise helped us achieve alignment around Explorer, a natural fit for the adaptability of the team's approach to individual client needs as well as the company's name and unique location overlooking Salmon Bay (not to mention the discipline of search itself). The Explorer inspired some evocative brand vocabulary, from proven path to refer to effective old-school SEO techniques to navigating the digital landscape and building customized digital roadmaps.



Andrew Wicklund Design (visual identity development and website design)

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