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Tandem Brand Strategy

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

How we found the balance between talking to health plans and resonating with consumers.

Seattle, WA

Healthcare Tech

Focus: B2B2C, Internal


EveryMove, a previous Vitamin C client, was pivoting to help health plans use lifestyle data to connect with consumers in a more personal way. The Tandem name and visual identity were in place, but the team needed to quickly distill the vision into a clear, compelling brand and product framework to provide focus and inspiration for upcoming sales, marketing, and product development efforts.


Brand Strategy

Stakeholder interviews, brand audit, competitive analysis, external inspiration, archetype analysis, brand architecture analysis and recommendations, development of brand purpose, position, and pillars

Brand Activation

Development of messaging framework with key messages, features/benefits, data points, and supporting quotes for health plans and consumers; development of voice/tone guidelines and brand vocabulary

Brand Expression

Content development for sales pitch, emails, and other marketing materials


Although the initial focus would be marketing to health plans, it was essential to balance their goals (risk management, profitability, retention) with those of their members (getting the most of benefits, managing health conditions, feeling like a person instead of a data point). After all, Tandem would ultimately be communicating directly to the members on behalf of the health plans, and the industry as a whole was not exactly known for consumer friendliness.

We modified our typical brand framework format with an additional column so we could capture the defining characteristics, goals, and values of the two key audiences, and ensure the purpose, position, and pillars worked equally well for both. The team had the result printed as a large-format poster and permanently installed in their conference room for easy reference.


We decided to keep the EveryMove values--Fast, Fit, and Fun--as the brand pillars because they worked so well with the Tandem name and the dynamic Explorer archetype. We built from these to develop a brand voice that was Energetic, Focused, and Upbeat--totally in tune with the Tandem ethos, and a fresh departure from typical health plan communication.

Tandem home page


CEO Russell Benaroya and I probably brainstormed 200+ variations on the position statement, but we finally landed on one that had just the right spirit and balance.

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