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Creative Client Gifts

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Each year, I enjoy thinking of creative presents for my clients.

A couple of years ago, I played with the Vitamin C theme and delivered gorgeous, colorful bowls of organic satsumas, oranges, and grapefruit.

As my list expanded out of state and even overseas, this proved logistically, well, impossible.

Last year I chose colorful pens and notebooks from Poppin, one of my favorite #brandcrushes, which I pull frequently for client inspiration.

This year, for most of my list, I decided to showcase one of the projects I worked on: Ravensburger, maker of what are arguably the world's best puzzles. (I collaborated with their in-house designer on a 65-page brand book, which included fine-tuning strategy, developing a brand manifesto, articulating values, and creating guidelines for visual and written expression.)

I had so much fun selecting just the right puzzle for each person, based on their personality, interests, and family composition. (At one time I had a towering stack of more than 40 puzzles in my office!)

The gifts really had a "wow" factor when I presented them, and what better time than the holidays to unwind and spend time with family doing a puzzle?

And, best of all....just look at all these fun pics I received in return!

Robots, for Kevin (and Ethan) of Haiku Deck:

Times Square, for Josh of Delicious:

Road Trip USA, for Chris of Novinium and Laura of Espresso Supply:

And, yes, I chose something else for team Ravensburger! They got some bubbly from one of my other favorite clients, Mumm Napa...

Happy 2017 from Vitamin C Creative!

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