Shift Brand Development

How we helped a team of passionate improvement experts clarify their organization's purpose and elevate its brand presence.

Hearing the Customer Voice

Customer segments can be unhelpfully broad. I prefer to focus on actual customers, and to hear their voice as authentically as possible.

Resourceful Brand Refresh

How we helped a respected HR services company differentiate itself in a crowded market and truly express its team's passion and expertise.

How I Geek Out on Brand Archetype Theory

I always come in with an opinion, but I avoid pronouncements. I make sure the process is collaborative. Sometimes the results surprise me.

Novinium Brand Strategy and Activation

How we helped the undisputed innovator in power cable rejuvenation expand their product offering and re-energize their communication.

Vitamin C Spreads the Love

Here are a few amazing things I've learned from my clients that I think everyone should know about.

Ravensburger Brand Books

How we brought three distinct brands into focus and developed clear guidelines to inspire Ravensburger's team and partners.

Creative Client Gifts

Each year, I enjoy thinking of creative presents to showcase my work and delight my clients.

A Tribute to Peter Brooks Macky

My uncle, Peter Brooks Macky, was known for writing meticulous eulogies. This is the one I wrote for him.

Danaher Strategic Content Development

How we helped a Fortune 500 company elevate purpose, revitalize its web presence, and refocus language after a major divestiture.

Tandem Brand Strategy

How we found the right balance between talking to health plans and resonating with consumers.